Last Thursday, it was announced that the prolific and iconic writer Harlan Ellison had passed away at the age of 84. Throughout this life, he wrote nearly two thousand works, including novels, short stories, essays, screenplays, comic books and teleplays -- including Star Trek’s "The City on the Edge of Forever." This conversation between Harlan and L.Q. Jones, the co-writer and director of the film based on one of Harlan’s all-time greatest works, A Boy And His Dog, is definitely one for the books. Harlan discusses his distrust of Hollywood, the only time he suffered from writer’s block, famous filmmakers who lifted from his work and what it would’ve taken to get Harlan on their side, and what L.Q. got right (and wrong) with A Boy And His Dog. This is a long one, but it’s worth every minute. Listen below, on iTunes, or your favorite podcast provider.

Harlan Ellison

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