In addition to his duties as President of Entertainment at the BET network and producing and directing hit movies and TV shows, Reginald Hudlin became known as one of the foremost writers of Marvel's Black Panther comic book and adapted the first six issues of his run as an animated mini-series. In this episode of Shout!Takes, Brian Ward sits down with Reginald to discuss his lifelong love of comics, getting the opportunity to write for Black Panther, the importance of the character in media, and converting the series to animation for Marvel Knights. Plus, despite the interview having been shot in 2011, Reginald even discusses his favorite character's inevitable presence on the silver screen in his own film; a desire that has finally come true, as the film Black Panther officially joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe today. Listen below, on iTunes, or through your favorite podcast provider.

Reginald Hudlin talks about Black Panther

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Maurice Molyneaux