There are a lot of hardcore WKRP In Cincinnati fans out there, but it's tough to beat Richard Terzieff's collection of autographed memorabilia from the classic show. Owner of the record store Recorded Memories in Spokane, Washington, Terzieff has been collecting unique items from WKRP for years.

We took notice of a few goodies in Terzieff's collection at the WKRP In Cincinnati cast reunion at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, so we asked him to tell us a little bit about them and why he is such a mega-fan.

"I'm a true, die-hard WKRP fan," says Terzieff. "I honestly believe WKRP is one of the reasons I've been involved in the music industry. I've worked in two previous music stores and owned Recorded Memories for nearly 25 years. I do radio shows from time to time."

His love of WKRP started early and has stayed with him into adulthood. "I was born in 1967, and that found me at a pretty impressionable age when WKRP hit the scene," he explains. "Loni Anderson was the beautiful, smart woman that could also be extremely classy. Additionally, I was always drawn to music. It's been my drug of choice."

Terzieff's love of music eventually led to his buying the record store that he had frequently visited. "I used to shop in the music store I now own," he remembers. "I'd bring dates there, and it was even a preset on my phone. I'd taken a final in college in 1990, stopped by the store and learned the owner was putting it up for sale."

Through the years, his involvement in the music industry allowed him to meet many of his musical heroes in addition to some favorite WKRP cast members, including Anderson and Gordon Jump. His collection of memorabilia from the show boasts many autographs that he has jumped at any chance to get, including the Paley Center reunion.

"Prior to the Paley event, security (understandably) came down to speak with me and wanted to see my suitcase. I was honest and said I was a huge fan. I opened it up revealing the coat, hat, magazines, a giant banner I had made for the 'red carpet' (I'd mistakenly thought that being outside might be my one chance to possibly get something signed), and the original WKRP record player, complete with the microphone!"

Richard Terzieff is grateful to Erie and Tq for their kindness at the Paley Center event.

WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series is now available on DVD. Let us know your favorite moment from the show in the comments!

Maurice Molyneaux