The MST3K Turkey Day tradition continues! Shout! Factory will be bringing the famed MST3K Turkey Day Marathon to fans once again in 2014 on Thanksgiving Day.

Since our announcement on November 3rd, we’ve had a number of viewers ask us how they can view the Turkey Day marathon. For instance, where will the stream be available? Can I watch on Roku? Can I watch on Chromecast? We hope to answer all your questions here.


Where can I watch the Marathon?

There are three main platforms to view the Turkey Day Marathon:
  1. At We are embedding a YouTube live stream on the page and a Twitter feed with the hashtag #MST3K so you can join in the social conversation
  2. On the MST3K Official YouTube channel. Our recently launched MST3KYouTube channel, where you can find annotated episodes and MST3K clips will be the streaming platform. You can also join the conversation there. Last year, we had over 32,000 comments, so be prepared for a day full of riffing!
  3. On Pluto.TV’s MST3K channel, Channel 400. If you haven’t heard of Pluto.TV, it’s fantastic. You can watch hundreds of live streaming channels with music, comedy, sports, news, entertainment, and more. Our friends at Pluto.TV will be streaming the Marathon on a new channel they are spinning up just for this special event.

On what devices can I watch the Marathon?

You can watch on your computer, on your mobile phone, on tablets, game consoles, and connected devices. Here are some specifics:
  • Desktop computer and laptop: ,, and!&channel=MST3K
  • Mobile phone and tablet: Through a mobile browser using the links above, through the YouTube app, or through the Pluto TV app
  • Amazon Fire: Through the YouTube* or Pluto.TV app
  • Chromecast: Through the YouTube* or Pluto.TV app
  • Roku: Through the YouTube* app
  • Xbox: Through the YouTube* app
  • PlayStation: Through the YouTube* app
  • Google Nexus: Through the Pluto.TV app

*Out testing has yielded some inconsistencies in live streaming through the YouTube app. The stream is live at if you want to do your own testing.

When will you be initiating the live stream?

The YouTube stream will be initiated sometime Wednesday afternoon and will contain a slate until the start of the Marathon. The Pluto.TV channel will be up by that time as well.

Which titles will you be streaming?

It's a surprise!

In what countries will the stream be available?

The stream is available to US and Canadian IP addresses.

What if I have additional questions?

Check out and look through the comments. If you have any tips and tricks to share, please post them there.
Maurice Molyneaux