Admit it: you love Valentine's Day.

You can't help it! It's a time of love and romance over candle-lit dinners. It's a time when you eat little candy hearts and get extra attention from your significant other. Forget the haters, the world could use more days like this throughout the year. Sure, Hallmark is cashing in, but at least people are treating each other extra-special.

Of course, after a romantic dinner you'll probably want to snuggle up on the couch with that special someone and pop in a romantic DVD. Here are a few ideas that might keep the mood just right for your Valentine's Day.

(Do you secretly hate Valentine's Day? Then this other list is for you!)

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Nothing says love like, um, love. And Dobie Gillis has it right in the title! In fact, Dobie is so full of love, he can't help but share it with many women over four seasons of The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis, a classic TV show about wanting the simple things in life like a beautiful spouse, money, fame and power. That's right. Simple things.

Rocko's Modern Life

More like Rocko's Modern Love Life, am I right? OK maybe not, but there are some seriously romantic moments in this show. Rocko goes on blind dates and falls in love multiple times throughout the series, Heffer falls head over heels for an elk that his family is supposed to eat, Bev Bighead seduces Rocko while he does household chores. But in one of the most romantic moments in all of television history, Rocko's dog Spunky falls deeply in love. With a mop. Ah, puppy love.

Clean up in aisle love.

Love Is On The Air

This is the obvious choice: all the best romance-themed episodes from all your favorite classic TV shows collected on one DVD. We can see you're onboard with this one, so we'll move on...

Manos: The Hands Of Fate

Mystery Science Theater 3000 isn't romantic, you say? We beg to differ; what's a bigger aphrodisiac than a bout of uncontrollable laughter? Nothing! We asked the MST3K fans on Facebook which episode they would watch on Valentine's Day, and while there wasn't a clear winner, many people simply picked Manos: The Hands Of Fate for no other reason than it was their favorite. Seems like a good enough reason to us.

The master would approve of Valentine's Day

Love At First Bite

Vampires need love, too, you know. George Hamilton is Dracula going for the girl of his dreams in this 1979 comedy set in New York City. You won't find any sparkling here, but you will find another classic vampire movie—it's part of a Blu-ray double feature with the Jim Carrey comedy Once Bitten!
Maurice Molyneaux