Ahhh, February. Love is in the air. Chocolates are in heart-shaped gift boxes. Flowers are in the mail from all your secret admirers. Best of all, Shout! Factory DVDs and Blu-rays are on your TV screen. And whether you're planning on spending your Valentine's Day making reservations at a swanky restaurant with a table covered in rose petals or sitting at home eating a tub of ice cream (we're talking about a BIG tub, not a puny pint), there is one thing we can all agree to love: awesome movies! We created a series of videos explaining why we have shameless, all-consuming love for the films we release, so grab that tub of ice cream and gather around to find out Why We Love It

Assault On Precinct 13

Speaking of ice cream, there's an awfully heartwarming scene involving an ice cream truck in Assault on Precinct 13, which is one of the reasons why we lovethis movie. One quick word of warning: there is a little foul language and some not-super-family-friendly content in some of the videos to follow. Of course, now you probably only want to watch them more...

Cat People

Valentine's may be a day devoted to puppy love, but we're bona fide Cat People here at Shout! Factory. That is, as long as we're talking about werecats. We were talking about werecats, right? In New Orleans? Set to a score by Giorgio Moroder featuring David Bowie? If you're not following, just watch this video.


There's a ton of romance in George A. Romero's film Knightriders, starring Ed Harris. There's mostly motorcycle jousting and pizza throwing and Stephen King cameos and sweet wheelies, but there's romance, too! Did you know if you play the harmonica solo from this movie for your special someone, they'll be yours forever? We've never actually tried that, we're just assuming.

Saturn 3

Have you ever noticed how being in love on Valentine's Day makes you feel like you're in outer space? You didn't notice that? Well, that kind of derails our segue into talking about Saturn 3. We love this film because it features Harvey Keitel unleashing a killer robot on one of Saturn's moons... Just like being in love! Nope, that really doesn't work, either.

Night Of The Demons

OK, OK, all this talk about Valentine's Day is getting a little too sentimental. To cleanse your pallet, here's one last video featuring some blood and gore from Night Of The Demons.

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Maurice Molyneaux