Escape From New York is one of the greatest movies of all time, so there's a lot to love about it. Besides the fact that Snake Plissken is a total badass, here are three of our favorite things about the movie. Let us know why you love Escape From New York in the comments, and don't forget to check out the upcoming Collector's Edition Blu-ray of this classic film!

Spiked Bat Fights

It's the future, you see. Baseball was too tame to be America's pastime and needed a little added testosterone to keep up with the times. So rather than hit balls with bats, they just started hitting each other. But then just getting bludgeoned by a baseball bat even got boring, so they added rusty, six-inch steel spikes to spice things up a bit. This exact paragraph will be in a future history textbook.

President Pleasence

In this movie's world, Donald Pleasence did such a great job being Michael Myers' nemesis that we just went ahead and elected him President. We want to live in that world, other than the whole turning of America's biggest city into a brutal, gritty prison colony thing. Just a minor detail.

The Life Watch

Escape From New York would already be a pretty sweet movie just on the general premise alone, but John Carpenter and co-writer Nick Castle went ahead and added microscopic blood vessel explosives to the plot, and all of a sudden it went from "pretty sweet" to "totally legendary" status. The next time you nervously glance at your Apple Watch for the time, worried you might be late for a meeting, just remember that when Snake Plissken looks at his watch, it's to see if he's literally about to die. Take that, work stress!

Maurice Molyneaux