This Saturday, July 18th from midnight to midnight, Shout! Factory TV is hosting The Kaiju Movie Marathon, 24 solid hours of giant monster mayhem featuring nine Godzilla movies plus Ultra Seven and Ultra Q episodes, hosted by August Ragone. There are many good reasons for you to tune in. Here are the 10 best.

1. August Ragone is Hosting

August is the foremost expert on all things Godzilla and Kaiju. I mean, the guy literally wrote a book on the subject. He recorded some pretty amazing introductions to every film for the marathon, jam-packed with interesting insight and monstrous facts to make the event not only entertaining but educational.

2. You Will Witness Unthinkable Destruction

...All from the safety of your couch, of course. These movies are pretty much nonstop mayhem featuring trillions of dollars (or yen) in damage, so watching them is the ultimate way to blow off steam after a week of sitting in a cubicle and doing what someone else tells you to do.

3. You Can Socialize

Monster movies are more fun when you can watch with friends. Not only that, but you can make new friends from across the country by participating in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #godzilla. There will be a live feed next to the video embed on Back in November when we did the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, we got over 60,000 comments!

4. It's a Full 24 Hours Long

We're not fooling around: the marathon lasts an entire day (midnight to midnight Eastern Time). Not a workday, not a "normal times when you're awake" day, a real, honest-to-goodness, 24-hour day. No half measures around here when it comes to giant monsters.

5. It's More Than Just Godzilla

Godzilla is totally freaking awesome, but he's not the only reason to tune in by a long shot. Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla will all make appearances throughout the day, for example. Plus there will be fan-favorite episodes of Ultra Seven and Ultra Q to round out the 24 hours.

6. You Can Win $100

The marathon is cool and all, but wouldn't you like to get a hundred bucks to spend on Shout! Factory stuff? Yeah, I thought so. You can spend it on Ultra Seven DVDs!

7. It's 100% Free

No cable bills, no streaming subscriptions, no monetary transactions of any sort are required to watch The Kaiju Movie Marathon, because spending money is literally the worst.

8. You Can Watch on a Mobile Device

TVs are great and all, but what if you want to watch Godzilla while hanging out on the back porch and sipping lemonade? You'll be able to watch on any mobile device through Pluto TV channel 427.

9. There Are Kick-Ass Trailers

Two of them in fact. Watch them here and here!

10. It's On a Saturday

It's not like you're gonna have to pretend to work while sneaking glimpses at the marathon when your boss isn't looking. It's happening on a weekend, so you can really relax and take it all in.

Be sure to tune in at from midnight to midnight Eastern Time on 7/18/2015!

Maurice Molyneaux