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Invasion Of The Bee Girls

"Wonderfully campy and sexy sci-fi outing!" – Leonard Maltin

"Invasion of the Bee Girls is the best schlock soft-core science fiction movie since The Vengeance of She," claimed film critic Roger Ebert. And who wouldn't be terrified by the very thought of watching these lovely bee-hived beauties love their chosen mates to death? A government inspector, that's who. And now he alone must stop their lust for killing, before he becomes one of the Queen Bee's honeys! This bee-witching tale stars a pair of bee-uties: Anitra Ford (The Big Bird Cage) and Victoria Vetri (When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth).

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Diff'rent Strokes: Season Five

They'll have theirs, you'll have yours, and I'll have Diff'rent Strokes: Season Five!

Arnold, Willis and the rest of the Drummonds are back for perhaps the most iconic season of one of your all-time favorite sitcom! Season Five brings a slew of notable guest stars, including Janet Jackson, Joey Lawrence, Andrew Dice Clay, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shari Belafonte, Garrett Morris, Gordon Jump, Dorothy Hamill, Jami Gertz and Nancy Reagan… and one of the most memorable stories to air on 80s television, when Arnold and his friend Dudley encounter a seemingly harmless Bicycle Shop owner…

Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, and Conrad Bain star in this classic sitcom packed with family values, social issues, and huge laughs!

Includes all 24 Season Five episodes!

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Tank 432

Official Selection – Fantasia International Film Festival

"Visually stunning, frequently terrifying, viscerally disturbing and genuinely thought-provoking… Tank 432 really, truly marks the arrival of a genuine talent." – UK Horror Scene

From executive producer Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High-Rise) comes a mind-bending plunge into hallucinatory terror. Under siege by a mysterious enemy in an apocalyptic, war-torn landscape, a band of mercenary soldiers, hooded hostages in tow, seek refuge inside an abandoned military tank. But their sanctuary soon reveals itself to be a steel-walled prison. As the group succumbs to claustrophobia, paranoia, and increasingly disturbing delusions, it becomes clear that the real threat may lie not outside, but within. The directorial debut from longtime Wheatley collaborator Nick Gillespie unfolds like a delirious, pulse-pounding puzzle.

Maurice Molyneaux