In honor of National Clean Off Your Desk Day, I thought I'd go through the Shout! Factory offices and take some photos of employees' desks that could use a little tidying. Here are a few I've chosen to publicly shame for your amusement.

Michael K. is working too hard to notice the heaps of paper trash sitting right next to him. Stop checking email and clean, Michael!

Steve is looking relaxed, but it must be tough to find a place to put your feet up when your desk is covered in product and Tupperware. C'mon, Steve!

Sarah has a good reason to have all those Blu-rays and DVDs on her desk, but they're still a prime target on Clean Off Your Desk Day.

Michael R. looks like he could move all that "important" paperwork over to the other side of his office to clear some space. Oh, wait...

Shannon, on the other hand, is a model employee with a desk that's clean and pristine. Way to go, Shannon!

Maurice Molyneaux