This week marks the fifth anniversary of Scream Factory’s first releases, and in celebration of five incredible years as a brand, we’ve grouped some comments that the press has been kind enough to make about us over the years. We can’t begin to express the gratitude we feel towards journalists who continually get the word out about our releases and provide our consumers with the information to make informed purchases.

Here are some of the remarks that have made us most proud, and have helped serve as a reminder of why we strive to keep unearthing often-forgotten gems and to make our releases the best they can be.

“Thanks to their Scream Factory label, Shout! Factory has been nothing short of a gift to us horror fans in recent years, putting out some of the very best home video releases of all time. I will never tire of thanking Shout!/Scream Factory for what they do. Think you’d ever see half these films on Blu-ray without them?”  Dread Central

“The redoubtable Shout!/Scream Factory continues to do The Lord’s Work”

“By treating every title, even the more dubious ones, with the respect of a fan, has created an expectation of quality that’s allowed the imprint itself to develop a following. A Fan of the genre who might not have heard of an obscure ‘80s slasher film like New Year’s Evil will be more inclined to seek it out just because it carries the Scream Factory name.” — The Dissolve

“Any horror Blu-ray collector knows Scream Factory. They are the staple that keeps physical media alive and bring back and restores old favorites that would otherwise go neglected by the studios.” – Tom Holland’s Terror Times “Scream Factory continues to impress with its handling of classic ’80s horror and sci-fi”  Nerdist

“Scream Factory might very easily be one of Blu-ray's most exciting labels. Not only are they releasing some amazing genre and cult classics, but also do so with love and care.” – Forces of Geek “Scream Factory is knocking this release out of the park as with the continuous releases of classic and cult classic horror and sci-fi films. Scream Factory knows how to do it right.”  Robot Geek’s Cult Cinema

“Scream Factory once again proves that they are doing the work a genre nut could only dream of seeing a studio get behind” – Criterion Cast “Don’t you just love the folks over at Scream Factory?... They have been churning out cult classic films, and each one is packed with awesome goodness.”  Horror Movies

“Scream Factory is showing us why it is becoming the standard bearer for Blu-Ray Sci-Fi/Horror releases”  Horror Society

“Scream Factory has gone further into horror’s past and brought their present day attention to detail and fan pleasing full force.”  Why So Blu

“Scream Factory just keeps on turning out releases that horror fans love, appreciate and want to add to their growing collection.” – Alien Bee “For horror fans, we have a new altar at which to worship for our hi-def horror dreams. Shout Factory’s new horror label, Scream Factory, cranked out an incredible number of genre titles in 2013 and every one of them knocked our socks off. They have taken the love of the genre to new levels with incredible transfers, artwork and extras that show the respect for the genre that fans have been waiting for since the inception of the Blu-ray format.”  PopMatters

“NO ONE brings retro horror flick to Blu-ray and DVD better than Scream Factory does, and their impressive resume just keeps getting better and better.”  The Horror Club

“Shout/Scream Factory continues to prove they are one of the finest companies releasing older content on Blu-ray & DVD today, as well as one of the very few rare examples of a company that listens to what its fans want and actually take that seriously into account when organizing and compiling their releases.”  Screen Connections

“The folks at Scream Factory lather their own love for the movies all over their releases, and that’s evident in the effort they put in and the affection they earn from fans.” – Film School Rejects “No matter what the picture is they are putting out, they can be relied upon to meet the same high standards in quality they have been setting for themselves since they burst onto the high-definition home entertainment scene in 2012.” – The Blu File

“Since launching in 2012, the Scream Factory label (an offshoot of Shout! Factory) has blessed horror fans with elaborate special editions of their beloved horror films from the '70s and '80s. Titles that were never given respect from their owning studios (such as Halloween II, Prince of Darkness and Crawlspace) now have Blu-ray special editions, and even movies that already had decent editions on the market, like The Fog and Day of the Dead, are given upgrades - more extras and/or new transfers that make it easy to replace the older one. Not every title is a must-own (it's only out of OCD collector habit that I'm keeping The Horror Show), but in just under two years they've released an exceptionally strong library of horror flicks spanning all sub-genres, a sort of Criterion Collection for cult horror.”  Birth. Movies. Death.

“Scream Factory has cemented themselves as the Criterion Collection for aficionados of horror and the culturally obscure.”  Nerdly

“Scream Factory has proven itself to be a real gift for horror fans, giving us Blu-ray releases of our favorite movies that are packed with new special features and adorned with truly amazing artwork.” FearNet

“Scream Factory has become the unsung National Registry of Horror.”  Inside Pulse

“The only studio from which I will buy any title sight unseen”  DVD Verdict

“Scream Factory continues to give Criterion a run for their money, heaping seemingly-endless amounts of love on cult cinema with these eccentric genre releases in robust special editions.”  Under the Radar


Maurice Molyneaux