Recently on Instagram, we tried a fun game called "Freaks And Guests," where we asked you to guess the identities of the famous guest stars who appeared on Freaks And Geeks. Some of these celebrities went on to become household names, others were already pretty famous when they made their cameos on the cult show.

Can you name the guests in these photos? Scroll to the bottom for the answers, and let us know how many you got in the comments!

#1 & 2

He went on to play a high-flying member of the X-Men, and she was recently nominated for a Primetime Emmy award as the star of a hit cable TV series.

#3 & 4

He's starred in countless hit movies that have generated nearly $3.5 billion worldwide, and she has a very special relationship with a certain Freaks And Geeks producer.

#5 & 6

She's the daughter of a superstar musician/producer and can now be seen on a hit NBC comedy, and he is a Shout! Factory favorite who created one of our most enduring franchises.

#7 & 8

The boy on the left is a little too young to be running around with giant talking robots, while the guy on the right is now an indie movie superstar, seen here making only his second TV acting appearance.

#9 & 10

#9 was a Freaks And Geeks writer who went on to write a well-known Jack Black film, and #10 would play a wacky sportscaster in a popular comedy movie a few years after this scene.


1) Ben Foster

2) Lizzie Caplan


3) Ben Stiller

4) Leslie Mann


5) Rashida Jones

6) Joel Hodgson


7) Shia LeBeouf

8) Jason Schwartzman


9) Mike White

10) David Koechner


How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow Shout! Factory on Instagram!

Maurice Molyneaux