Theta Labs, the leading decentralized video delivery network, is working with media company and digital entertainment streaming service Shout! Factory as the business expands its decentralized video offering.

The move will see Shout! Factory integrate Theta peer-to-peer streaming technology and blockchain protocol to allow visitors to the Shout! Factory TV site to view its library of hit shows and films directly using Theta’s fully decentralized technology and protocol.

Shout! Factory is the company behind television cult shows including the iconic Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), and already offers its own channel on, as well as a MST3K 24/7 channel. Shout! Factory reaches millions of households featuring classic and contemporary films and television series, animation, live music, and comedy specials.

The integration on Shout! Factory TV’s site follows a similar recent integration of the Theta Labs technology on the World Poker Tour site. WPT integrated the native Theta Network protocol and Theta Fuel (TFUEL) micropayments on its platform earlier this year, allowing WPT users to enjoy the benefits of Theta decentralized streaming protocol directly on the WPT website with a 24/7 poker channel built on Theta blockchain.

“Shout! Factory is excited to fully integrate Theta network video delivery in our Live Channels on, letting our vast userbase of millions experience the benefits of Theta decentralized streaming,” said Gene Pao, SVP Digital Enterprises of Shout! Factory. “Using Theta to increase viewer engagement and attract new users is a key differentiator that will allow Shout! Factory to stand out among content providers.”

Mitch Liu, CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs the company, said the integration was another step towards Theta’s fully decentralized video delivery protocol being recognized and used more widely.

“We’re excited in bringing the benefits of decentralized video delivery to a new audience of users. Theta is developing a growing user base of millions of consumers as it expands the reach of decentralized video delivery globally.”

The move is part of Theta Labs’ plan to expand Theta adoption and encourage more users and platforms to consider using a decentralized alternative to video distribution.

Theta integration allows leading entertainment and streaming platforms like Shout! Factory to lower their video delivery CDN costs by 50% or more, while increasing user engagement, viewing times and monetization. Users in return can earn TFUEL tokens for sharing video content utilizing their excess bandwidth and computing resources. Theta blockchain’s innovative approach enables fans to earn as much as $10-$15/month simply by watching their favorite content on their browser with no download required.